In honor of him


This morning as I was in bed nursing Mattea, I heard the following:

“Daddy,how come I only get one egg and you get two?”

“Well, I’m big and you’re little.”

“Like, you’re still growing bigger and bigger Daddy?”

“No. I’m all done growing.”

“But you’re still grandma’s baby, right?”

As I smiled to myself I thought about the truth of this. Sean is still, and always will be, Grandma’s baby. He is an amazing husband, father and friend. He has embraced all of my “crazy” parenting ways, never batting an eye while he carries our babies close in a pretty purple sling, supporting me always in trying to gently lead our kids into their grown up years. He brings me water as I tandem nurse India and Mattea, he is compassionate and loving in his parenting. He is always willing to hear whatever new idea I have about parenting. He is a committed, hardworking, passionate, kind, and giving man. He was raised well, and I know his parents are proud. And even as I see him as a man, he is still Grandma’s baby. And as our littles will always be our babies, even when they are grown and loving their own familes and rocking their own babies. 

What an honor to watch them grow.


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  1. You have a wonderful man.

    So this is crazy, I was just coming over to your blog to ask you about slings and here is a photo of Sean using a sling. I never used them with twins but know I want one for this new baby, who will likely get to be worn constantly. Any recommendations?


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