Happy Birthday sunshine monkey


Sunday was India’s third birthday, and six years since we were first pregnant with Elijah. Wow! 6 years seems like a lifetime. Indeed it is a lifetime for the three littles who make our lives rich with joy and discovery.

India is our intrepid adventurer, climbing onto counters, dryers and freezers. She jumps off the arm of the couch on a regular basis, and last week was seen jumping off the TOP of the bunkbed, saying “Daddy, watch! I can stick the landing!” and “It’s okay, mama. I put a couch cushion there to land on.”

There is no stopping her. She is fierce in her determination to be independant, with just enough time for a snuggle and big hug and kiss between adventures. She is wild with joy as each new day greets her, leaning over my ear and saying “Cockadoodle doo, mama. Cockadoodle doo” to summon me to join her as she awakens at the first crack of dawn.

She wrestles with the best of them (in this case being Elijah and Daddy) and can take anyone in the family down with a tough little arm wrapped around a leg.

She is our lover of people, especially baby people. Ever helping with Mattea, urging me to “pick her up mama”, she can tell me half a dozen ways to help little sister feel better when she fusses or cries. She has only dropped Mattea once (oh my poor mama heart).

Swinging from the curtains is her favorite forbidden trick.

The song she wants to hear as she goes to sleep is “Leaving on a jet plane”. She goes down the big waterslide at the pool by herself. She loves to cut things with her scissors, with her current goal being the stunning curls that adorn her head, because “Daddy cuts his own hair with scissors, mama”. When she hears the word no, she is quick to chime in with “But, I’m just…..”

She loves to love, wearing her babies in a sling, sometimes two at a time. She is filled with concern when Elijah or Mattea is upset or hurt, and would do anything in the world to make it better. She would share her last ounce of water if she was thirsty, her last bite of food if she was starving. She gives of herself. 

She can drive us all to distraction, wanting so badly to be big like Elijah, or drink coffee like Daddy, or…. you name it. But, in the end, we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

She is vibrant and filled with unreserved passion for life. She is full of exuberance, grabs every opportunity to explore, discover, and love. That we would learn some of that from her would be my greatest hope for the day. And for her, that she would continue to grow and become, that her life would be filled with many moments of joy, and that she would find her greatest love in herself so that she might continue to light the world with her brilliance in every step she takes.


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