Another church foible…


For the first time in Sean’s seminary career, we are going to church together on a regular basis. We have found a church where the Sunday School happens during the service, which, when you have VERY active, exuberant children like our own, is wonderful. Let the record show that I am all in favor and support of having children in church. I just don’t want my children in church…it’s too much work for me to keep them quiet and happy. So, needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), Sean and I have been enjoying being at services together with just Mattea, while the Olders are in Sunday School (or fall vbs, as Elijah calls it.) Today, India wanted to come to church with mama, instead of going to Sunday School, so after some efforts on my part to change her mind, I agreed. Elijah also tried to convince her to stay, telling her very sweetly that she would make new friends and that there would be babies to play with. No dice.

So, Elijah stayed in Sunday School, assuring India he would come find her when it was time for crafts. I told him there was no need, that I would bring India back if she wanted to rejoin them later. 

Five minutes into church, India and Sean headed to the nursery because she didn’t want to sit still. Fine by me. I settled down to hold sleeping Tiny and listen to the sermon. About two minutes into the sermon, it is announced with the pounding of little feet running into the sanctuary, in a “whisper” of the magnitude that only a five year old can pull off….”IT”S TIME TO DO CRAFTS INDIA…MOM, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? MOM? INDIA?”. He says he wasn’t yelling. My embarrassed mama self would beg to differ. But in it all, I was actually very proud of him, because he is not usually the kid that is considerate of others, and he really, genuinely, did not want India to miss out on the craft time. So, as I did the slow walk of shame among the laughing from the second row where I was sitting, all the way to the back of the sanctuary to herd my child back to Sunday School, my mama heart busted open with love.


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  1. What a great post. I’m totally enjoying your blog.
    Jon and I are struggling with an “active” child and church services as well. It’s soooo hard. I’m glad you’ve found a good balance. And that you didn’t have to miss crafts either!

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