She’s here


The little brown dress that’s not a little brown dress has arrived! I picked her up yesterday, and so the journey begins. She is many beautiful rich tones, with the tree on the pocket being my favorite part. I was a little worried that maybe I had ordered it to be too long, but because there is so much room at the bottom because of the design, it’s not a problem. I started wearing it as soon as we got home yesterday, and cleared out the rest of my closet. I have 7 shirts, a hoodie, one pair of sweats, and a length of fabric I will wear as a wrap skirt when this one is drying (I’ll hang it to dry for longer life span). I also have two pairs of tights to wear when it gets cold, which is now (at least in our house, where we’re too frugal to turn the heat up.)

So….here are the pics. Please ignore the light blue shirt, which doesn’t go with the skirt at all.

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  1. It’s beautiful Anno, I think it’s awesome that you are doing a closet purge as I know it’s way too easy to end up with way too many clothes. I hope the little brown dress is an awesome experience.

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