Thanksgiving adventures


We had much joy this thanksgiving weekend. I was on a rural development exchange ten years ago. While on the exchange, I was paired up with a Mexican woman named Marylu and two host families, one in Canada, and one in Mexico. Marylu and I lived together for four months in each country, with each of our host families. 

Sean and I have gone to visit Marylu and her family in Mexico. They have come here to visit us. Marylu was at our wedding (which was planned so she could be there). The last time we saw them I was five months pregnant with Elijah, and they had no kids. Now we have three, and they have a little girl who is two. Marylu, Chuy, their daughter Erindira and Marylu’s mom came to Canada for the first two weeks of October for a visit. They spent most of their time with our Canadian host family (who we have not seen since our wedding, but who spend every Christmas in Mexico with Marylu and family.) We were invited to join them in Canmore for Thanksgiving, and were thrilled to be able to do so. Doug and Jonathan graciously opened their home to us and welcomed us with open arms.

We hiked, stayed up late to chat, ate way too much Mexican and Canadian food, drank Corona with lime and salt, laughed, teased, and watched in joy as our kids played together despite only having maybe 5 words they could speak/understand of the other’s language. Our Thanksgiving dinner was the most eclectic I’ve ever had, with turkey, Jerusalem artichokes, spaghetti, tortillas, beans (of the Mexican variety) and wonderful salsa verde (made with tomatillos…the little green tomatoes). We stuffed a turkey, none of us knowing what we were doing, and even TRIED to make gravy. Oops. 

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend (despite the 18 hours in a car with three kids over 4 days), and we even came back to join the seminary community in a second thanksgiving dinner. What blessing to have family and friends from all over the world with which to celebrate all of our joys.


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