the family bed


We co-sleep. We have done this since Elijah was born. Many people think we are crazy, as our bed gets more and more “cozy” over the years. On the nights (recently) that our olders have chosen to sleep in the bunkbeds in the playroom, I have missed them. I have missed their warm little bodies, their contented sleep sounds, and yes, even their feet. But, most nights we are all in our family bed. So the set up is, on the floor, a queen sized mattress next to a double mattress. LOTS of pillows, LOTS of blankets. Wall-to-wall bed. It serves a double purpose this bed, because in the day, when no one is sleeping, we jump on it. We wrestle on it. We do sommersaults and fall on it. We hide under the blankets as they become a dinosaur lair. We read books there, and cuddle, and laugh. We bounce off the walls (literally). We live in a small space, so this gymnasium type “anything goes” space is vital to our survival in the winter. 

So, for all of you folks out there who wonder what the benefits/drawbacks to co-sleeping are, I give you the following list.


Extra space, coziness, lower heat bills at night, mama just rolls over to nurse at night (never having to get out of bed and walk down the hall to put baby back to sleep), baby sleeps better, littles never wake up scared and alone in the dark, we wake up each morning to see this:We regularly change the bed into a climbing mountain for good bodily exercise. For the most part, I love it. 


Vomit. ’nuff said.

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