Time to get some sleep…


There are days when I think we’ve got it all together. We have settled in to having three kids, we have more money in the checking account than we thought possible (which isn’t saying much…), the kids are fed and relatively happy, and we are doing fine. 

Then one day, we get a bill from the phone company that says they’ll disconnect if we don’t pay. Turns out when you pay by visa and your visa card gets updated to a nonstudent card (even though you are still a student), and then they change it back but in the process you get a different visa number…..turns out you have to let the phone company know. Oops.

Then the next day, we get a notice for our power, because it turns out that although mama is trying so damn hard to be environmentally friendly by switching to an online bill, she doesn’t have the uninterupted time on the computer that she used to. Turns out the just noticing you have an email notice to pay your power bill and filing it in the mental category of TO DO SOMETIME when…..the kids aren’t fighting, crying, screaming, puking, wanting you to…..play a game, read a book, breastfeed, change a diaper, make lunch, make a snack. clean up some milk, find that shirt they wore last year NOW…… is not actually the same thing as paying the aforementioned power bill. Nope. It’s not the same thing at all. Turns out that I last paid out power bill in October. Oops.

Then, while said mama is trying to figure out power bill payment, said mama notices that she has interest on her visa…which has NEVER happened, because mama NEVER carries a balance on her visa, because ultimately, mama believes that credit cards are evil. So, in trying to figure out interest, said mama (who by this time is saying things that shall not be repeated herein) is discovering that she has amassed interest because she in fact paid her visa bill TOO early in December, thereby not paying it completely off before the due date (having purchased things between the time of paying it and actually being required to pay it.) Turns out that when a mama is trying to be environmentally conscious by requesting no paper bill for her visa, the bank might not actually bother to send her an email notification of her bills, although they had promised to do so. Of course, the bank can still manage to send mama the same amount of junk mail and promotional crap that was coming in the mail with the visa bill to begin with. 

Has mama mentioned that although she never had a library fine in her entire existence as an avid reader prior to having children, she now can rarely get in and out of the library without paying at least 3 dollars? Or has mama mentioned that she thinks people who wash their sheets when they haven’t been soiled by some variety of child’s bodily excretions have got way too much time on their hands? And the bathroom….dare I mention the bathroom? I once cleaned the bathroom. At one point I even cleaned it once a week. Of course, that was someone else’s bathroom, and I was getting paid 15$ an hour. She was an older lady. Man….her bathroom was CLEAN! Seriously, I think that when I cleaned her tub, I was simply cleaning away any of the streaks I may have left the week before. I found a dust bunny there once. I think I carried it in with me on my sock, from home. The dust bunnies in our house could eat a cat. A big cat. And bunnies don’t eat cat. Oh no, these are freaking dust wooly mammoths that gather at our house. They are having a convention here. 

This post is really random, but I don’t care. I’m making myself laugh out loud as I write it, so that’s all that matters right? 

Has mama mentioned that because she is so good at keeping up with banking and paperwork (although it seems to be more the fact that we’ve automated the crap out of everything that is the problem, because I never missed a bill when they were made out of paper instead of 0000111010010100101111010101s), she decided it would be a neat idea to take part in a valentine’s exchange with an unschooling yahoo group she’s part of? So that now, instead of ridding her house of wooly mammoths, she has one week to make approximately 50 valentine’s cards with the littles (who will no doubt be bored after card number three), and send them all over North America. And there’s that quilt to be finished, and those books for that wedding, and also…………………

So, at the end of the day (and thank God it is now the end of the day), we may have less money in the bank than we ever thought possible, but at least the kids are fed and relatively happy. We are, in fact, doing just fine.


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