At the hotel…


Says India, as she’s opening the door of our room to get out into the hallway “Bye you guys. I’m just going to get something. I’ll be back in about an hour.”

We are currently in Edson, where Sean interviewed today at the church for his first possible pastoring gig. It has been a crazy weekend, we drove out on Thursday (700 and some km in 7 hours…not bad for a family of five frequent pee-ers, went for a swim, went to a church potluck to meet the congregation). This morning we woke up, had breakfast at the hotel, toured the town (including a meeting for me with the local homeschooling coordinator, who seems uber supportive and laid back….), a meet and greet with the local continuing ed. coordinator, a drive past the recycling depot, the farmer’s market etc). Lunch at BP’s, back to the hotel for Sean’s interview and so the kids could wind down a bit, looking at houses with a realtor for two hours, back to the hotel for supper and another swim…..

And now, bed. 

Tomorrow we drive home. After looking at a couple more houses. 

It’s been whirlwind. And promising. And maybe it will all be just fine. Except for the people we leave behind when we go.

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