The things I learned this weekend



1. Although it might seem wonderful when your 3 1/2 yr old sleeps for half of your 6 hour drive to the grandparents house, it is not nearly as wonderful when she is consequently awake screaming from midnight until 3am….“I’M NOT TIRED!!!!!”

2. Shivering violently for four hours after going to bed under a down comforter and fleece blanket, in a room where the heater is on is in fact not a sign that it is a really cold April. It  may be a fever. 

3. Although it feels like malaria, even though it’s been 12 years since you were in Africa with malaria, it may actually be mastitis. (see number 2)

4. Mastitis (and malaria, for that matter), suck. A whole lotta suck. If this is the only way I get a day off as a mom of three, I’d rather go to work. Honestly, the puking was the fun part.

5. The minor emergency clinic in Lethbridge on Easter Sunday is pretty easy to get into. Finding a pharmacy that’s open, not so easy.

6. Learning to weave one basket out of sticks does not an expert make. One should maybe try one or two more before attempting to pass on the skill to an innocent bystander. 

7. Cousins of Sean who make easter baskets and hunts for our littles are much loved and appreciated around here. Thanks for all the love (not to mention all the chocolate….kept them happy all the way home, and there is still tons left over).

8. Although it can be annoying when Mattea is so strongly attached to Sean and I that she wants no one else even to look at her, it sure feels amazing to be the ONE that can make the whole world right just by walking in the room. I need to treasure that a bit, it will pass all too quickly. 

9. It’s always nice to go home. (I mean to the farm, but then always again to our little home too.)


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