Oh India…


img_35991We had our friends Gretchen and Andrew over for dinner a couple of days ago, and after dinner, India covered Gretchen’s entire face with sparkle gel that she (India) had received for Easter, because she “loves make-up, and wants to be as pretty as a princess….” (I don’t know who’s kid this is, but….)

Anyway, after India had completed her transformation of Gretchen, she sat on Gretch’s lap and made up this beautiful song. I wanted to insert it, but it’s really long, so I’ll just write the text out instead. It’s kind of a mix of Kung Fu Panda meets Easter Sunday school class.

It begins with India sitting on Gretchen’s lap, singing about Gretchen.

“She’s the bestest…she can turn into anything, so she’s the bestest…so she’s the bestest. I am too the bestest. Only the girls are…the boys aren’t the bestest, only the girls are the bestest. 

God makes your please…God makes your cameras even, God makes the people. God makes the babies, God makes the everything and God makes the houses. 

God makes the houses, God makes the toys, God makes the windows and God makes the doors. 

God makes the bedrooms, and even the shelves too, and even all the bedrooms and even the lights. And even the doorbells. And even the daddies. And seven, eight, nine 

And then the Jesus is so best, so loving, and so great. Nothing can defeat him, cuz he’s the bestest. He’s the bestest in the world. No bad guys will defeat him, cuz they don’t have guns. They don’t have any guns. 

God is girls. (ha ha ha ha ha ha …)

And that’s not anything. It’s not even true. Girls are supposed to be Jesus, and girls are Jesus too.

No one can defeat us, no one can defeat us, no one can defeat us, and no one can the poo…..

No one to the fair….No one, no one, no one….

Who maked the God, who maked the God, Jesus, Jesus, who maked the Jesus. God maked the Jesus. 

And God is so good, so great and so strong, he nothing, nothing he can’t do. He only can fix people, all up, and play. He can play at one time, and he can look at santa tooooooooooo….

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