The way they play


I’ve been watching my kids play, with one another, and with their friends, and there are some things that I’ve noticed.

1. The phrase “How ’bout…” followed by any number of crazy ideas as to where the play should go next. As in, “How ’bout  you’re the princess and I’m the villain and I locked you up and then you got out by magic because you can fly,” or…”How ’bout you tie me up and then you pretend to be good and rescue me…”

There is no worry for them about someone else thinking their idea is silly or making fun, any idea goes. If the other kids don’t want to go with it, someone simply suggests something else. There is no shyness about sharing ideas or changes. Kids say no, or they go along. We as adults could learn from this.

2. India makes a really cute villain. Her evil villain laugh is to be mocked by no one. Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!

3. There is a seemless flow once they are involved in imaginary play. The play takes on a life of its own, shifting and moving organically from one place to another, from one theme to another. Sometimes our days mimic this flow. I like it, when one activity becomes another with smooth transition in between. These are the calmest, most peaceful days.

4. Having other kids around somehow shifts the dynamic between my kids so they play with less bickering and conflict. 

5. Little boys of almost 6 are just as happy to play star wars and light saber fights as they are to play princess. I wonder what force along the line causes that to change?

5. Also, a funny story about India. We were sitting in the living room this morning and she let out a bum-burp (that’s a fart for you less cultured people, but around here we are VERY cultured.) She wrinkled up her nose and said “That smells like rotten eggs.” When I asked her how she knew what rotten eggs smelled like, she grinned and said “Rotten eggs smell like that.”


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  1. I think the tying up and then rescuing part is quite interesting. My brother and I did that when we were younger too. I don’t know why it’s such as good play thing to do but we spent hours doing such imaginary things.

  2. Hi, I’m a friend of Sean’s from Home Care. I was just checking out your sites to see what he is up to, and to see if you might be renting your place in Saskatoon. I see both of you haven’t updated in a while, so I am guessing that must mean you are in the middle of the big move to Leduc. I hope you have a safe journey and settle in well. Congrats to Sean on the job. Sorry to leave the message on your blog but I didn’t see a comment thingy on Seans and I don’t have his email, just his old blog address.

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