Anchors away. (or something to that effect)


So, the time to leave came. For a few weeks, we said goodbye to good friends who have changed us for the better and accepted and loved us as we are. We had picnics and playdates, bbq’s and birthday parties, and we packed. And packed. And packed some more. 

When the baby was chewing on milk bones the dog had dropped, and the three year old was peeing in the baby potty and then emptying it in the kitchen sink herself while I packed, we knew it was time to go. So our friends helped us pack the van (which was, incidentally, way too small), and we ended up having to buy a utility trailer for the rest of our stuff and leaving a bunch of stuff as a farewell to freecycle. We headed out at 11 on Monday morning for the long trek. 

Our friend Fleming (who helped us immeasureably by driving the moving van) and I stuffed the cat into her cardboard cat carrier. She got mad. And started to shed. And escaped her carrier quickly. We drove to Walmart and bought a real carrier. She stayed mad. And continued to shed. I could have made a whole new cat from the fur that was on my hoodie. A hoodie is a bunny hug, for you saskatchewan readers (I have to blog bilingually now 🙂 )

Anyway….eight hours, two meals at Wendy’s and three gas stops later, we arrived. We were greeted by our realtor and a bunch of people from the church who helped us unpack the moving van, and left us with a meal for the next day.

Now it is one week later. We have almost moved in, we have seen family and friends for Sean’s ordination, and we have not stopped working for one second. We have been warmly received and welcomed by our new community, the kids have been invited to birthday parties by the girls next door (almost 4 and 7). They play together every day. I don’t have any friends yet, but that too will come. I wish it was as easy for adults to make friends.

We have planted broccoli, kale, tomatoes, beans, carrots and fiddleheads. We have been to the farmer’s market and marvelled at the beautiful trees and the fact that we live in a neighbourhood where every house has children living in it, instead of sketchy old men. We marvel at how much we love our house, and feel blessed by all of the people who have helped us make it feel like home.

And now it is time to rest a wee bit, to return to some level of normalcy, and for Sean to figure out what exactly a pastor does with his time.


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  1. I am glad you guys are settling in. I will have to come by for a real look at the house, I hardly saw any of it.

    Don’t worry Sean will have lots of stuff to do. For example, it will take a while just to figure how to make worship run smoothly each week… or maybe where the markers are in his office.

  2. So happy to read a new blog post from you. I’ve been checking everyday. Thinking about you lots and sending you happy, get settled vibes. We miss you here.

  3. you’ve planted a garden already . . . i’ve lived in my house for 9 yrs and i still don’t have my garden in . . . lol . . . sounds like you guys had an adventurous move . . . did you set your butteflies free before you left ; )

    we miss you all dearly already. abby was calling herself elijah the other day : )

    i’m sure you’ll make friends fast, after all, you befriended me in the grocery store . . but i’m a little miffed that i didn’t get my full 7 yrs ; )

    sounds like you have moved to a great community. can’t wait to see pics of your new digs & all that beautiful scenery.


  4. I’m sad that I had to miss coming up with the rest of the family but it was great to see the video Drew made of your new place. All of the ‘hellos’ made me feel like I wasn’t missing out on completely everything. I remember moving time and how crazy it is so I hope you get the time to rest, relax and watch your garden grow. I can definitely relate to wishing it was easy to make friends. I still don’t have may friends here in Lethbridge and it’s been a year and a half. That probably means I haven’t put myself out there enough. Anyhow, I hope to get up to Edson and see you all soon.

  5. Sorry, this has nothing to do with your post, or Edson. I just wanted to send this to you. Send me your email.

    I saw this on craig’s list:

    I need someone to dry my placenta
    Date: 2009-04-06, 6:30PM EDT

    I know this is the weirdest Craigslist ad ever…

    I am due in June. I have read a lot about how great for your health it is to eat your placenta (after all, most mammals, even vegetarians, do this). Unfortunately I don’t have a strong enough stomach to just eat it, so it was recommended to me that I dry it out in a food dehydrator, put it in a coffee grinder, and put it in capsules to take daily. Again, I just don’t have the stomach (and may not have the energy after birth to do this.) What I need is someone who is reliable…someone who has given birth or watched a birth, knows what a placenta looks/smells like/etc, who is 100% comfortable handling something like this. I have read that it can take up to 10 hours of work. Please e-mail me why you would be willing to do this and how much you would charge.

    Please no stupid e-mails.

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