Where we’ve been


We’ve had family here. Last weekend, our friends Fleming and Vanessa from Saskatoon came and visited. We had fun. Lots of fun. We laughed and played and walked in the woods chasing grasshoppers. The littles  were ecstatic to see their Funessa and Fleming again, as they have really been missing our Saskatoon people. Fleming and Vanessa were on their way to Vancouver, and then on to Prince Rupert for his internship to begin. We plan on going to visit them in Prince Rupert next summer.

Sean had planned to take the week off (ish) while his family was here from Tuesday to Saturday, but ended up having a funeral to do, so plans changed a bit. Instead of time off, he worked everyday, but that’s part of going with the flow in his line of work.

In between his work time we managed to have some fun.

IMG_7504Huge boxes from the take it or leave it for the kids to play in in the back yard.

IMG_7511Mud baths at the river. A new little friend told the kids the mud would make their skin soft, so they covered themselves with mud. After caressing my hairy leg and his hairless one, Elijah confirmed that it was indeed a miracle cure.

IMG_7518This river is 7 km from our house. It’s got a campground and a beautiful picnic area. The river is slow and shallow enough that you can wade/swim/tube in it.

We also found our own little secret raspberry patch when we were walking with Grandma and Grandpa in the woods. We will be going back there in the next few days to pick a big bowl.

IMG_7533Dirty, tired and most importantly, happy, after supper and campfire at the river.

We don’t get too many “summer” (meaning days with both sun and heat) days here, but the ones we get, we live to the full.

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  1. Anno, the little river area sounds magical. I love the mud miracle cure 🙂 Me thinks I need some for my hairy legs. hee hee. Love your posts, your kids are growing and looking beautiful in their little persons.

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