Little Man


We’ve been in Edson, where it rains. A lot. A lot. A lot. As in every day. At least once a day.

So, we play rockband. (I love the concentration on Elijah’s face in this picture.) The kids walk around all day singing things like “Wanted, dead or alive…..” and “I think I’m paranoid…”


It’s funny how Elijah has picked up not only the guitar, but many of the lyrics for the songs. He sings along while he plays guitar. That kid has rhythm, and pitch. And somewhere along the way, he grew into a big kid. When did that happen?Him with his loose (for real loose) tooth, his BMX track bike riding, self-dressing, lego masterpiece creating, allowance negotiating self. He told me last night that he didn’t think it was fair that he gets 5$ a week for an allowance. He would prefer 10$.

And he has a crush on the neighbour girl. She’s 7. They play together all day. And when she’s gone he talks about her. “Mackenzie likes to eat her ice cream slowly. Mackenzie got skin glue on her head.” He puts his arm around her when they walk and he wants her closer so they can talk.

How did the time pass so quickly?

I write all of this as Mattea scales the back of the lazyboy chair as if she is a mountain goat, and India nurses her baby doll in the big red chair in our living room. My babies are transforming before my eyes.

I told Elijah we might just glue his tooth back in when it falls out, so that he can’t get any older.

In the van the other day, on our way to Dairy Queen for Dilly Bars, he pondered out loud….”How is it that I have been alive for 6 years and haven’t ever tasted a Dilly Bar….I can’t wait for the chocolatey goodness.”

How indeed Little Man. Cling to your hopes and dreams. Continue to live your passions and be excited to try new things. Just please don’t kiss the neighbour girl. Not yet.

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  1. Hey Anno, just thought I’d say Hi to let you know we’re still thinking of you here! Hope you’re finding your Edson groove.


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