They pack too.


The littles (at least the two older ones) have begun packing for themselves when we go on trips. I love the process, how excited they are to find a bag for all of their things, how varied the things they choose can be.

They are currently packing for another mini-vacation, this time to Jasper. This morning Little Miss brought down her old-school leather train case (found last week at the take it or leave it by mama). She told me she had it all packed, “Four pairs of undies, a pair of pants, four hoodies, and NO socks.” Awesome.

Then tonight, as I was checking to see the Little Man has everything he needs in his bag, I saw that he had done a great job. All the essentials.

And his Super-Elijah shirt. And his glittery Super-Elijah cape.

If only our adult packing lists, and our lives, could include such essentials as glittery silver capes, I think we’d all be just a little more joyous.

I love how they always manage to teach me a little something when I am least expecting it.


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