I love fall. I love all seasons (at least for the first two months when it comes to winter), but especially fall. I think it has to do with the home-i-ness of it, the settling in, drawing close, and snuggling up of the cooler weather and the shorter days. It is still beautiful enough during the days to spend lots of time outside, but all the annoying bugs are dead, and sunburn is not really an issue. I love putting on sweaters and slippers for the first time in months, waking up in the morning to warm coffee and oatmeal, coming home after a trip to the park to the smell of simmering soup. Baking warm bread. Curling up under warm blankets to read stories to tired kids, watching leaves shift to brilliant orange, starting a new unschooling year, I love it all.

Part of our family tradition is to try to focus on the passing of the seasons, so in the fall we decorate for fall, bringing outside in as we begin the voyage towards winter cold. Last year we started a thankfulness tree, a visual reminder of our grateful things. We have continued the ritual throughout the year, inviting visitors to our supper table to share a thing they are thankful for after we say grace. We will again add a visual reminder this year, but instead of it being a painted tree mural, it looks like this. We’ll add leaves to it each night as we share the joys of our days with each other, and over time, it will serve to remind us of all of the abundance we are surrounded by.

IMG_7584You’ll notice the fairy/woodland creature furniture at the bottom. The littles and I built this furniture today with branches from our birch trees, a pair of clippers, and a gluegun. We are inviting the forest creatures into our home to join with us in our cozy winter. We have a couch, a table and chairs, and even a coatrack and working swing. Elijah also built them a climbing wall and a slide, but we agreed that should stay under the trees in the fairy world the kids are creating.


IMG_7586Keep watching for new additions. I’m sure our little fairy village will grow and change over the next few weeks, as the creative juices keep flowing through this place.

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  1. fall is my absolute fav season too. i love your fairy/woodland creature furniture & your tree of thankfulness. i am so blessed to have such creative friends to copy ; )

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