Happy Birthday India


She’s four. Already. Moments ago she was bursting into the world, into our lives, into our family. She was in a hurry to make her entrance, and she has been voraciously grabbing at every second of her life since.

She is joyous and lovely, affectionate and generous of herself. She is fiery, passionately pursuing what she wants with singleminded determination. She is a lover, a cuddler, a dancer (oh how she moves…). She often disappears an hour at a time to care for her babies. She loves to play in water. She laughs loudly, sings loudly, and lives more loudly still.

We went for Birthday Breakfast (a family tradition), and she wanted chicken and a cupcake. She wants to be a vampire “bwutterfly” for halloween. She loves to chew gum. Here are some pics of her day.

Wearing her birthday crown and opening gifts at breakfast.

IMG_5601The fairies of our forest planned her a surprise picnic party. They welcomed India and her family and friends, laid out a picnic with little plates and small foods, and left glitter everywhere they went.

IMG_5619Following a fairy dust trail in the woods.

IMG_5594Eating fairy snacks.

IMG_5639Discovering a hiding place.

IMG_5634A vampire butterfly cake.

IMG_5618Mattea ate all the oranges while the kids explored.

Happy Day Sunshine Monkey. We are richer for you in our lives.


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  1. Happy Birthday India!!!! I am going to call you tomorrow, just been a really busy week. It looked like a beautiful party. Wish I could have been there too.

  2. we miss your bursting with energy lil girl and wish we could have been there for her birthday. we luv the vampire butterfly cake and the fairy surprise picnic party . . . happy birthday india : )

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