Who knew?



Turns out that Little Man has a bit more than a little of his mama in him. Mama can’t volunteer at the blood bank unless it involvesgiving out cookies, and has to lay down flat to have blood work done. Little Man had  a wiggly tooth. We wiggled it. Mama tried once to pull it. It bled a TINY bit. When Little Man saw the blood, he blanched, and then puked.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the bus stop.

Anyway…tooth is out. Fairy has come. She left the tooth behind as requested by the donor. (Not sure how the mama feels about a treasure collection of dead teeth.) Maybe we can use them to make a set of false teeth for Mattea to use until hers come in.

Also, we got this slide for 10$ at a garage sale and put it on the stairs to the playroom. The kids now play on the stairs all day long.



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  1. no way!! who has a slide going down their stairs! incredible. You have the coolest house on the block – in the town! perfect for the approaching cold season, a playground inside your own house.

  2. oh no, alex has a wiggly tooth . . . something else for him to start collecting . . . like his dad who lost his crown a few weeks ago and stuck it in his pocket . . . i laughed at him but when the dentist asked him if he still had it, he pulled it out of his pocket, lint and all, and the dentist just put it back on (hopefully he cleaned it first ; )

    luv the note

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