Wrestling with dad…


Sean and the littles (perhaps I now must start calling them the mediums) wrestle on a regular basis. When he got back from his conference last week, the first thing they said as he came in the door was “WRESTLE!!!!!!”. Even Mattea gets in on the action, body slamming with the best of them. When she hears the laughter from the family bed (the BEST and biggest wrestling mat ever), she heads on up the stairs to join in.

But alas, today, India took it a bit too far. She landed, on her knees, on Elijah’s face.

And knocked his tooth out.

At least it was already loose. And he gets double from the tooth fairy because it was his double tooth (the first to come in as a baby, and actually two in one, as it never separated from it’s neighbour.) That tooth that looked so enormous coming into his five month old mouth looked so tiny in the palm of his hand.

And he stopped being “fuwious” when he realized he could still say his “s” sounds with no problem.

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  1. Can’t believe Elijah lost it! Kinda good in a way. Selam lost her second tooth today. Very exciting stuff.
    I will try to call tomorrow. Don’t know where the days go, but they are sure full. My “free” mornings are never free!! LOL
    miss you.

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