Life right now


Is busy. Good. We are heavy into fall. It snows, melts, and feels like a reprieve. I am bunking down, in fall mode, not wanting to be outside. Lots of stew and soup, lots of coloring. We play rock band, watch movies, read Beverly Cleary books out loud.  Here are a few pics of our days.

IMG_7620Elijah’s missing teeth. When I asked if I could take a picture the first thing he said was “Don’t put it on your blog.” But then he said I could. But he wasn’t happy about the picture.

IMG_7621Bionicles. The latest obsession. They are WAY cheaper on EBay ( one third the price at least). They are like Lego, in that you build them, but have more playability once they are built. Elijah stated in amazement, “I dropped it on the floor, and it didn’t fall apart.” For the kid who crumbles when a lego creation breaks, these might be a better choice. India got one too. She brought it home and started cuddling it. And calling Elijah’s bionicles his babies. She truly is the nurturer in the family.

IMG_7616The lovely new warm yellow of our playroom. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s exactly what I hoped for. Inviting, cozy, and bright, for when those long winter days get to be too much. I love the contrast of the yellow against the wood too. I have some fun decorating ideas to look into, as soon as the painting is done.

IMG_7613Some fall fairies for our nature table.

IMG_7594Mattea’s favorite place to hang out in the office. Navi doesn’t mind either, which is nice.

IMG_7598Our fall tree has become haunted. But really, who can be scared of ghosts made from paper towels and hair elastics?

IMG_7601And because India wants to look like her little friend Selam, we have the cutest hair around here lately.


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  1. awe, little man : )

    alex just got into bionicles too. and abby just loves everything alex loves. when we go to mcdonald’s (er, i mean, if we ever go to mcd’s ; ), they ask us if we want ‘boy’ toys or ‘girl’ toys & i’m like ‘boy’ toys all around : )

    luv the yellow, we are planning on some painting soon too, chocolate brown, something i hope to feel warm and cozy in for the long winter months : )

    luv the fall fairies, the ghosts and the girls’ hair : )

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