Halloween a little late


We had a great Halloween weekend. Special pancakes, pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and a last minute trip to visit grandma and grandpa’s new digs.




Aren’t those little white pumpkins cute? That’s what happens when you wait until October 30th to buy your pumpkins and the entire town is sold out. Luckily, we happened upon a free pumpkin carving event at the local car dealership, so the littles also got to carve their big orange “real” pumpkins.



He wanted to be a vampire…. luckily we had everything but the mask, which I bought because he hates wearing facepaint. Turns out he also stopped wearing the mask about 1/3 of the way through TOT’in because it was sweaty and smelly in there.




Little Miss was a “bwutterfly unicorn”…this was the simplified version of the costume she originally wanted, which was a butterfly unicorn spiderman ghost.


We drove down to Sylvan Lake to visit Grandma and Grandpa in their new home at Sylvan Lake. They came to visit for Sean’s birthday in August, intending to go home to the farm in Southern Alberta and live there for a long time. They left, applied for the caretaker job at Camp Kuriakos at Sean’s suggestion, and three months later they have packed up their farm, moved to a two bedroom trailer at the camp, and committed to living and working there for two years. We are thrilled to have them close by. We got to leave our house Monday morning, have lunch with them, sleep over, have breakfast and lunch, and be home in time for supper on Tuesday night. There is a gym, a treehouse, a lake, and acres and acres of glorious forest to explore. What a great place!

IMG_7682We spent a long time on our visit watching the birds at grandma’s feeder and identifying them. Black capped chickadees, jays, yellow and red breasted nuthatches, and some lovely downy woodpeckers. The birds weren’t at all shy, and come to the feeder even when we are standing right below it on the porch. We will be going back very soon for another visit.


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  1. Anno – that is awesome – Camp Kuriakos! You are blessed to have the opportunity to hang out there during the summers (and winters) … have fun!

  2. i luv the white pumpkins and the kids look so cute in their costumes : )
    that is so great that the kids’ grandparents are so close to you now. wow, what a change for them. very inspiring. goes to show that no matter your age, life can always be exactly what you want it to be. change is good, especially if there is a little bit of adventure involved!

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