A place of adventure


Our good friends came to visit last weekend from Saskatoon, and we had a great time. While they were here, we went for a walk that we had never gone on before, starting just one block from our house. It is a straight line walk, which is bordered on one side by the airport landing strip and on the other by about 60 feet of trees and then houses. There is a pile of deadfall which runs the entire strip (great for climbing and exploring) and a quad trail for those of us that just want to slowly meander by. It’s quiet and peaceful.

Walking with our friends, we found deer tracks and heard coyotes howling, and on the way home, experimented with shadows and streetlights and how they affect one another. We had to rush a little, because dusk was coming, and we hadn’t yet had supper.

We enjoyed the adventure so much that the next day, after our friends had left for home, we returned to our spot and continued to explore. This time we had as long as we wanted, and it took us about two hours to walk the two kilometres. We were impressed by the variety of plants along the way, and how beautiful they all are after they’ve died. I found some dogwood (I think), which is great for making baskets, and Elijah and India were fascinated by all of the different forms seeds and seedpods took, and how they stuck to mittens, jackets and pants.

Here are some pictures of our new favourite place.


What walk could be better than one which ends with visiting a 7 foot tall snowman?  It culminated in meeting a neighbour (sort of) who was taking advantage of the warm weather to do her outdoor Christmas decorating. We chatted with her, admired her ornaments, and even got to see some Grosbeaks, jays and chickadees feeding at her bird feeders. She told us that when it’s really cold she can get up to 50-60 birds at a time eating in her yard.



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  1. Beautiful photos Anno, I especially love the barbed wire shot. What a lovely sounding walk. And you have snow? We are dry as a bone here and very, very warm. Feels strange for this time of year.

  2. i loved the barbed wire shot too . . . kind of a metaphor for my life right now . . . i miss india’s joyful exuberance and cuddly snuggles . . . and elijah’s growing maturity and fierce independence . . . and sweet mattea’s strong beautiful silence . . . your beautiful melodic singing voice and your unconditional friendship. i’m so lucky to have you in my life.

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