Grandma’s sugar cookies


They’ve become a Christmas (halloween, Easter, etc) tradition in our house. Easy to make, fun to cut, and even more fun to decorate. Plus, they have this weird aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. I think it’s the crack.

This year the kids each got their own bowl and their own batch of cookies to make. They both did almost all the work. I helped Elijah mix a bit because he doesn’t like sticky hands.

Mattea’s bowl just had an egg and a bit of flour in it, but she LOVED being one of the big kids and having her own cookies to mix.

Sometimes I feel sad about not having a baby in my life anymore, but it is nice to be able to do things like make cookies and have kids who can actually participate fully in the process.

Please notice the icing to cookie and icing to table ratio.

Also, the icing to face ratio.

In other news, Advent has brought us…


A lovely package of acorns a la “My Neighbour Totoro” from these friends.

An 18 month old wanting desperately to join her siblings for their self appointed “school” time.

Our winter gnomes, meant to join us every advent, but whom aforementioned baby keeps stripping of their hats and cloaks.

And last, but certainly not least (as he doubles in size every time I turn around), our pet horse. I know I’ve already had pics of him, but really, he is very cute.

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  1. Hey 🙂 we made sugar cookies with icing today too! So much more icing gets eaten than ever goes on the cookies.

    We loved making your acorn package and it’s so lovely that you linked me, thank you!

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