Coolest toy ever


We got these tree blocks and the accompanying activity cards in the mail yesterday. They are wonderful. Math activities up to a grade three/four level….games, logic, and all with the pleasing feel and look of real wood.

The blocks come in twelve different lengths, all in cm groupings.

There is a larger base block which holds the measuring block.

Look at the thinking face. As someone who hated math in school, I love to watch the littles come at it organically, in ways that are relevant to their lives, and in ways that the “learning of math” is secondary to the “having of fun”.

And, if at any point you don’t feel like playing one of the many (60+) activities in the deck, you can simply build things. This is India making a representation of our family, including pets. The big piece in the foreground is about to be traded out with one of the smallest pieces, as Ani (the new pup) is growing so fast.


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  1. this looks like so much fun . . . altho where would it go . . . i guess it would just fit right in to my house of ‘messy learning’ to quote a friend : )

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