The bathroom pictures…at last…..


When we moved to this house in June, our downstairs bathroom consisted of a concrete floor, studs and exposed insulation, and a powder blue toilet.

So, we have been working away for the last 2 months trying to get it ready for the holidays. Our goal was to have it done by Christmas, but we didn’t quite make it. My family comes today, and the toilet is yet to be installed, and the ceiling still needs to be done. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT…..we have drywalled, taped, mudded, painted the walls. We have tiled the floor. We have moved pipes and installed a vanity. We have created a custom tile mosaic (my favorite) around the sink and window. We have installed sink and faucets. The entire reno cost us about $700, and we used as much repurposed or second hand stuff as we could. Which means we kept the toilet, used extra tile from the inlaws, used mistint paint, and did ALL the work ourselves. I’m really proud of it.

Here is the blue bowl sink which I love and the vanity. We bought the bottom part of the vanity, and then mosaic’ed the countertop on a piece of pine.

The mosaic around the window. There is a neat little ledge all the way around which added more mosaic surface, and also a nice place for the cat to sit and be unpestered by the other household beasts.

A repurposed bench seat and an old storage rack from Ikea which we’ve had for years.

I found this neat book of Gnomes at the public library book sale. It cost about 25 cents, and is filled with the most wonderful whimsical gnome drawings. For 4$ in dollar store glass frames, and 15 minutes of time, we have forest creatures adorning our walls.

And maybe we’ll even get the toilet installed tomorrow so our guests don’t have to pee in a hole in the floor.


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  1. I’ve bought books for the same purpose, but when I get them home I can never bring myself to pull the pages out! Your bathroom looks great- I love the mosaic too.

  2. I have wanted to make a mosaic for soooo long – what a fabulous job. To finish a big project like that with your little ones running around is awe-inspiring. I would love to see a picture of your cat in place….

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