because they make me laugh


As I was taking Christmas decorations down yesterday after our company went home, India chastised me. Apparently the tree was okay, but I was NOT allowed to take the decorations off of our branches in a vase, because “MOM!!!!! It’s STILL the Christmas SEASON!”

Then, this afternoon, India and Mattea were taking a lovely purple (thanks Crayola color tabs) bath. India stuck her hand in the water, and then reached out and drew a wet cross on my forehead. “That’s so you know God loves you Mom, that’s what happened at Mattea’s BATH-tism.”

Last night we Sean and I were talking about pork products with Elijah because he was eating a piece of ham. He looked a bit incredulous when we told him that BOTH bacon and ham come from a pig. He wanted to know what came from a cow….steak, hamburger, etc. After a couple minutes of that, Elijah piped up “I know what else comes from pigs……. Broccoli!!!!!”

Hysterical laughter ensued.

I love it when they laugh at their own jokes. It makes every bit of life seem just a bit brighter.

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  1. i’m with india on this one . . . our decorations stay up until at least ukranian new years and have been known to stay up well into february : )

  2. Hi Anno!

    Would it be alright if i use a bit of your blog as a sermon illustration for a sermon this Sunday? I thought I would ask your permission before I jacked part of your post!

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