From her mouth (again)


While I’m wiping her hands and face without utmost gentleness, feeling frustrated b/c she touched the walls with peanut butter honey hands….. she says “Mom! Be gentle. Walls aren’t as important as people are. They are just walls. They aren’t special like people. Walls are walls and people are people MOM!”

Also, last night, as we were talking about how all people are different, and even as babies, we like and dislike different things, she said… “Mom, what else did I hate to eat when I was a baby?” Thinking for a minute, she answers her own question with “Chicken fat, right? Because nobody likes to eat chicken fat.”

And, “Mom, you’re the best mom in the whole world. I’ll love you even when you’re dead. I’ll always be your newborn. Even when you’re dead.”

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  1. Our kids are always reminding us that our ‘things’ are less important than they are. How true it is, and I thank them for keeping my perspective.

    BTW, send all you chicken fat over here, Sophie will eat it, if it’s crispy.

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