Full days


We have been…..

doing potty yoga,


Setting up the lego store,

making ice art,

building relationships,

exploring tropical fruit,

making hats with tropical fruit,

Tasting tropical fruit….(like mild grapefruit with a sweatsocks aftertaste),

Doing dramatic interpretations of how the Pomelo tastes,

Imitating “bugsy” (a bug-eyed snowman created  by India this winter)

reading to India, (I caught this one in secret, because E. won’t read to me. )planning the next lego animation project,

Imagining life in the trees of fairy world.

And just generally living, loving and laughing. (with a big chunk of sibling rivalry thrown in for good measure.)


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  1. How did you colour the ice? I imagine food colouring was used, but the ice seems to be in fairly “organic” shapes . . . where/how did you do it?

    I love the potty yoga too . . . have similar pictures of my daughter!

    • We just used food coloring. Some of the ice was frozen in water balloons, some in muffin tins, and some in large buckets (but the kids then threw all of that on the concrete to break it up (which are the small pieces you see in the pic.)

      • Thanks for the info. I’m not crafty or artsy so these things always escape me. We’ll be colouring ice some time during February break!

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