When we got married (almost 10 years ago), two of our closest friends gave us a lovely care package. In that package was a pair of green boxers for Sean. He’s never worn them, and I have occasionally, but I couldn’t get rid of them because I loved the fabric. So…..last night, I made a dress for Mattea out of the boxers. Sewed from the waistband down the crothc and to the bottom of one leg. Tried it on, using waistband as the chest. Slightly too small, so I left the chest intact and pulled out the stitches, added in a triangle of fabric to make the whole thing bigger. Used the rest of the waistband for shoulder straps, and voila! IN less than an hour, we have a cute sundress. (the model’s pretty cute too.)


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  1. wow – I cannot really grasp how you made the dress but it is awesome – I have many kept pieces that I would like to “re-purpose” – maybe there is a source on the web for ideas like this one.

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