more random bits.


I bought myself this lovely orchid to remind me that spring is on it’s way. It will probably die soon, as I have that effect on tropical plants, but I have enjoyed it for almost 10 days already, and it has been worth every penny (and cheaper than cut flowers too.)

I have been doing a 150 lbs challenge with some friends from Saskatoon. The goal is to lose 150 pounds (of stuff) in a month. What does 150 pounds of stuff look like? I didn’t take pictures, but after 10 days, I have already parted with over 100 pounds ( I thought it would be difficult, as I tend to now keep a ton of extra stuff around anyway….) but…it looks like

1 laundry basket full of books, 1 too small dog crate, 8 grocery bags full of clothes, 3 grocery bags full of toys, 1 extra booster seat, one heavy roller blind, and a couple of pairs of shoes.

I love looking around after a big purge and seeing how the flat surfaces in our home can be uncluttered, clear of chaos. I love the feeling of freedom it brings me to drop off yet another load of clothes at the thrift store, knowing that I will never have to wash those clothes again, or pick them up off the floor again. I love having less. (And we still have a long way to go).  It it is also important for me to strike a balance because with homeschooling, I want to provide the kids with a rich environment filled with interesting things, but I also want to provide them with a clear space to work and be creative. The less time I have to spend maintaining our space, the more time I can devote to the littles, reading, playing, laughing and learning.

And…by reconfiguring our living room and getting rid of some stuff, we have made room for a nature shelf where we can have a place to honor some of the beautiful things that we find outside. Here are some special stones sent to us by our friends Fleming and Vanessa, driftwood from Christina Lake in BC, a shell that Sean found in Madagascar, and a sheep that I needle felted out of Alpaca wool from Sean’s aunt. I also have a large bowl full of rocks and shells from different times in my life. The kids love to go through the contents of Mama’s big blue bowl and ask about each item. This week that led to looking up how volcanic rock is formed and the different forms it can take depending on whether it is formed inside the earth or on the surface, whether the magma cools rapidly or slowly, etc. EVERYTHING is a chance to learn. (And thanks again to Fleming and Vanessa for the rocks and minerals book, which gets pulled out often to check these things.)

We also had a special visitor this week. Lucky the leprachaun stopped by after the kids were in bed one night and decorated our space for Valentine’s Day. He left strings of hearts everywhere, and gifted the kids with these lovely felted rocks. There are real rocks inside their felted sweaters. The littles were quite excited to hear from Lucky again, as they suspected his existence here, but hadn’t heard from him since last St Patrick’s day. I believe that he will be making regular appearances from now on, as the littles are ecstatic with that surprise touch of magic in their lives.

And finally, to leave you with a tidbit from my favorite four year old,

After swimming, India says indignantly to Sean…. “Elijah got my pants wet. It’s an emergency. I’m calling 911….(long pause)….What does a 9 look like?”

Also, as I’m putting her to bed..she says “Mom, what do hunters use cats for? Do they make, like, furry slippers with them or something?”

We’re off on an adventure this week, so we’ll see you when we get back, with pictures and stories galore.


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  1. I’m right there with you trying to strike that balance between having space to create & providing a rich environment with things to play with, touch, learn from. It’s a big job, but always therapeutic. 🙂 Good to get it done now, before spring arrives & we all just want to be outside!

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