We made “dancing popcorn” (put water in a jar, add some popcorn seeds, some vinegar and some baking soda). The bubbles from the baking soda and vinegar surround the popcorn kernels and make them rise to the top of the jar. The bubbles pop, and the seeds sink back down. (We decided the bubbles were like water wings for the popcorn…we’ve been learning to swim.)

This became a discussion on bouyancy, what floats and what sinks, so we filled a roaster with water and collected all manner of things to test. The guesses as to why things would float or sink were great…and some of the conclusions surprising. No, even tiny rocks don’t float. Some plastic sinks (like the dogbone) and some floats. Some metal things (spoons) sink, and yet large metal containers float (just like boats…Elijah thought because larger objects would have better balance).

We then decided to try to make “waterwings” for one of the metal objects that had sunk in the plain water. We found that the vinegar and baking soda bubble trick worked to allow the canning lid to float, but the spoon was still too heavy. Cool experiment, with all sorts of neat connections being made.

After lunch, we tried making maple syrup snow candy. We boiled plain maple syrup for about 8 minutes and then let it sit for two minutes. We poured the syrup on fresh snow that the kids had collected from outside, and it cooled immediately so that we could taste the sugary snack. Elijah and I decided it was too sweet for our liking, but India and Mattea really enjoyed it.

While Mattea was sleeping, we enjoyed playing Blokus, our new favorite game. This game is fun to play, Elijah can handle the strategy (and India can play with help). It’s fantastic for spatial thinking, and the pieces are really fun to play with on your own too. They are like mosaic tiles, and you can make all sorts of cool designs and patterns with them.

Add a bit of playdough, and the bright sun streaming in our kitchen window onto the table (my favorite light of day), and you can create a whole city of light and shadows. Endless possibility.

The light in that same window, combined with the whitewash snow in our backyard make a perfect backdrop for the Waldorf stars India and I have been making out of kite paper. They add just a touch of vivid color to the otherwise monochromatic (thanks Sam) landscape.

We also have a new green friend to take care of that sits in the same window, drinking in the same light. A bonsai tree. I think we should name her. Suggestions are welcome.

And finally, because that light is so beautiful, I capture a bit of my youngest. Her babyhood is quickly fading into something much different, so I catch her when I can, unselfconscious and stunning in her radiance.

And so, the day has been full. And it’s only 3:43.


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  1. How wonderful! The sunlight in your home warms my bones just looking at your photos.

    We did ‘dancing seeds’ awhile back with apple seeds, it was quite dramatic because they are so light weight. We also love filling a large tupperware container and grabbing any household object to see if it will float or sink.

    Today, we filled large bowls with water and a few drops of dish soap. I gave them each a straw and they started to blow into the bowls. It was bubble magic!

    I must get blokus! It looks so neat.

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