More winter fun


We made snow cream! A big bowl of snow,stir in some milk, sugar, and a bit of vanilla. Put in bowls and eat. When you get bored with vanilla, add a bit of hot chocolate powder. Voila! Chocalate snow cream. Mom even tried instant coffee for a mocha version.

This is how we felt after we ate it!

We were also inspired by our friend Sam over at Ninth Street East to try this project again. Place wax crayon shavings (done with a pencil sharpener) between two sheets of wax paper. On a low setting, iron the sheets of paper. The wax melts, mixing and forming beautiful designs (great for learning about color mixing, wax melting because of heat, etc). After the wax has cooled a bit, cut heart shapes out of the paper. Poke holes in the hearts with a pin, and hang them in a sunny spot.

Hang in a sunny spot, and enjoy the colour.

Or, make a garland of hearts for a long empty wall.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. We’re off on another adventure. Be back soon.

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