On the road to Edmonton


We had such fun on our last adventure, we decided to take another. This time to our Province’s fair capital, Edmonchuk. Sean and I spent the first five years of our married lives here, as well as a few years of dating bliss (and university of course). It is strange to go back as parents, to a city where we are no longer connected, where a new LRT line goes right by our old house, and where the coffee shops where we spent most of our time are no more.

But, go back we did, and as we were there with kids, the destinations changed. Except of course for the Strathcona Farmer’s Market, which filled my need for organic carrots and Mennonite Sausage (and emptied my wallet of all of its treasures). I could spend hours poking around the market, enjoying the press of people, the hum of the crowd, the tidbits of produce offered by vendors, the handmade bits and pieces of artisan trade. Instead, I had 15 minutes while the kids waited in the van, shouting “Kettle Corn, Cotton Candy, Buffalo Sticks!”

So, we stayed with our friend Erik in Stony Plain and we…..


played X-Ray Tech,

tried to pick up optical illusions,

travelled to outer space,

made music,

played with magnetic rocks,

played with each other,

played with Ani while watching the Opening Ceremonies,

and ate cotton candy.

Then we….

looked at Ted Harrison’s paintings for a Northern Alphabet book (this tied in wonderfully with the First Nations stuff we’d seen in the opening ceremonies the night before….lots of talk about First Nations peoples in Canada.)

So we….

checked out the exhibit on Aboriginal Culture at the Royal Alberta Museum. The kids remembered the totem poles from the night before, and India was absolutely fascinated by the dioramas of Aboriginal Life. We could have spent all day in this part of the museum (did I mention it was only 10$ for our whole family to get in?)

Next we…

spent some time at the Robert Munsch Exhibit, making noise, writing funny stories, and jumping on cushions. I’ve always wondered why in some of his books people in the same family will seem to have very different skin tones, and whether or not that was intentional or not. Turns out he has a multi-cultural family, which is neat to know that something so elemental to his experience is being shared in his books.

Finally, we…

wandered through the natural world exhibit, which was also incredible, with everything from this immense (the size of a human torso) geode filled with amethyst, to a fantastic bug exhibit. It was, at least, fantastic until the live tarantula sent Elijah crying hysterically from the room ). That kid does not like spiders.

At all.

Can’t even look at them in books.

Or talk about them.

The butterflies were cool though.

And thus ends a whirlwind adventure. (Mama also got coffee from Starbucks AND a caramel machiatto from the Second Cup, so really, how can you go wrong?)

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