Training has begun


So I signed up for Melissa’s Half-Marathon in September. 22 km, through mountainous terrain. Last week I started walking with a friend, and we were going to sign up together, and train together. Then she missed the sign-up day for the race, but was going to register for another race the week later so we could still train together.

I don’t think I would have signed up if I thought I would be training by myself.

My running buddy has missed both run days so far. I am finding myself with mixed emotions about that. I like to run with music, so that is good. Running alone I can plug into my ipod and listen to motivating, driving music. But as she called me this morning to tell me she wouldn’t make it, I also felt a sort of fear. The fear that says….You can’t do this. You can’t. You won’t. You’ll give up.

And then there is the feeling that comes as I run along the highway, looking at the very tips of the Rocky Mountains, the feeling of pride and self-confidence that says….You will do it. Even if you have to do it alone. You are strong and determined.

We’ll see which voice will win. I’m gunning for the strong one.


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  1. Go for it, Anno! That is disappointing that your friend backed out (?!) but if it is important to you then get it done:)

  2. You can do it!!!!!!! I have complete faith in you and you can do this!! You may have started a trend.. 😉 Melanie and I are thinking of doing one in October..

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