Happy Birthday to meeeeeee….



36 good years.

36 reasons to be thankful.

  1. waking up early enough in time for a walk with the dogs
  2. a very cuddly six year old wanting some time before my walk
  3. mountains in the distance on the highway
  4. roses and jelly beans from little miss and hubbie man
  5. a handmade poster from little man chronicling “the Amazing Race” series we’ve been watching together
  6. rare time over morning coffee to chat with Sean
  7. dancing with the littles in the church basement
  8. talking to my nephews on the phone
  9. talking to my sister on the phone
  10. a play and dinner tomorrow night to look forward to
  11. a great running partner
  12. March 7th with 10 degrees above zero on the themometer
  13. healthy kids
  14. a house I love
  15. a backyard with a sunny patio and deck
  16. grass
  17. playing outside in the melting snow with the littles
  18. the warm sweet goodness of fair trade coffee
  19. in-laws who come for a birthday visit
  20. seeing the littles glee when Grandma and Grandpa walk through the back door
  21. homemade tortillas, black beans and chicken
  22. having someone else to wash supper dishes
  23. running socks and a new funky blue shirt
  24. facebook wishes from friends
  25. the way Mattea’s body feels in my arms as she slips into sleep
  26. birthday cake made by Carol
  27. water play with little hands
  28. a treadmill for running in bad weather
  29. visiting in the living room while the kids play downstairs
  30. watching youtube stop motion videos
  31. listening to Elijah play Blokus with Grandma and Grandpa
  32. easy bedtime for tired kids
  33. cool cotton sheets
  34. breath
  35. grace
  36. a good start to my 37th (ack!) year

My life is filled with immeasurable riches. There is nowhere else I would rather be.


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  1. Happy Birthday Anno!!!! Crazy week here with evening meetings, but I will call you. Miss you and am so glad you are happy.

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