March has been full


Watching little grow into big.

And return to small.

Mixing all manner of things

Building. Lots and lots of building.

Puppet shows.

Grandma and Grandpa.


Snow play.

Puddle play.

Ice play.

Brick play.

Bakugan….and more Bakugan. And some more Bakugan. On the computer. On the DS. On the living room floor. On the kitchen table. In the playroom.

Cracking open geodes and discovering the beauty inside.

Resting in the sun.

Riding a big kid bike with gears and handbrakes for the first time.

Playing Hex.

Playing Quirkle.

Playing Carcasonne.

Playing Gobblet.

Playing Set.

Making worms out of blue goo worm makes from Steve Spangler Science.

Showing off the new pixie cut.

Finding the green.

And the mud.

And the joy.

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  1. kay I could cry seeing your kids. They are growing so much!!! what about their mama? You should post one of you! I keep wanting to phone you when I am alone with Senaya, but I always think of it when she has just fallen asleep on my lap and I don’t want to disturb her by going to find your number.
    miss you.

  2. It is nice to see all the colorful pictures…I can barely stand that blue mess of brainy worms…but I love India’s haircut! (I am no expert on things like this, but I think she kinda looks like you – and I agree with Natasha, post a mama picture…)

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