Things that delight me today


1. Orange crush floats.

2. Playing Super Mario with Elijah.

3. A homeschool tour of the  IGA bakery, followed by lunch with a newish friend and her delightful kids.

4. Waiting excitedly for the green sprouts to grow in our fairy garden…please fairies, come and play. (idea found here.)

5. Homemade california rolls for supper, with LOTS of wasabi.

6. A mini-date with India to procure….

7. A large box, which provided no less than two hours of decorating entertainment. Doors and windows, a mailslot, a side  deck, a garden, a tree and a stool….all for sister love. (and some love notes from mom and dad, to be delivered regularly.)

8. Seeing Elijah’s anticipation of his movie date with Dad tomorrow, to see “How to Raise  a Dragon”

9. Eagerly awaiting the healing of a bruised ankle, so running can resume.

10. Wondering which game we will play tonight after India and Mattea are in bed. Last night it was Carcasonne, I’m hoping for Set or Quirkle tonight, but usually the boy will choose.

11. Reading the BFG by Roald Dahl with the littles. What a great book!

11. Remembering where we were three and a half years ago.

12. Wondering where we’ll be three and a half years from now.

13. Trying to savour every moment on the way.

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