Anne of Green Gables, India style.


India has started taking library books from our stash and looking at the pictures while making up the stories to go along. I often enjoy her stories far more than the actual written words on the page, as she has now “read” quite a few of them to me.

She gets a real kick out of reading me her story and then seeing what the words actually say. The best example so far has been the Anne of Green Gables picture book we got out of the library a few days ago. The pictures all show Anne getting into various states of mischief. India named the story “Julie”, and is going to read it to me right now, so that I can share it with you.

“Once Julie was at her house. they were waiting for the trains.

And then, two men came. And then, “Father, Father, Father,”

“What, Julie?”

“Ah la la la.”

And then, Julie was in trouble.

Julie touched the flowers in the trees.

And then…..Julie was in trouble.

They were galloping down the hill, it was such a nice day. Julie was in trouble.

Julie was not in her bed. She was nowhere to be seen.

“Julie, honey, you’re not supposed to go without asking.”

Julie was in trouble.

And then…Julie was picking flowers one day, she was looking at them. Julie was in trouble.

She was playing with a friend one day. Julie’s mom found her and made her in trouble.

And then…Julie picked all the flower’s off Mrs. Claim’s flowers. Julie fell into a river because she was on a bridge and it breaked.

And then…she had a dress with a purple jewel. And Julie picked all the flowers off her own flowers.

And then she hit a boy in her class with a book. There was paper falling all over. They were all saying “Are you okay?” except for Julie and the boy.

Julie was saying “Yay!”

And he was saying “Ouch!”

Then she was the teacher and then her friend said “Want to come on a walk?”

And then she was scared one night and then her mother was shaving her hair.

She said “Oh no, all my hair is gone.”

And then a man was boating and he helped Julie out of the water.

And then she kissed and hugged her dad and mom, and went to bed.

The End.


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