leaving it all behind


I get wrapped up in the chaos and stress of running a home and unschooling and making the yard neat and trying to keep it all together all the time. And it makes me grouchy. I guess technically I choose to let myself be grouchy about it. So, yesterday I got up and saw the sun shining, and the sky was bright and blue, and it was going to be a beautiful day.

Time for an adventure.

So, we left this.

and this.

And traded it for this.

and this.

This, this,


After four hours of playing in the water, sand and sun, after Mattea fell face-first into the river and I had to throw my camera in the sand to pull her out, and after Ani knocked India tumbling down a hill and landed in the river (Ani, not India)… we dragged our tired bodies to the van. We stopped for slurpees on the way home (because who doesn’t love a slurpee on the first hot day of the year?), and even brought one to Sean at the church.

As we were driving home, a happy Elijah said, “Next time there’s a day like this, I’ll say to Kelly (a friend)….Now is it better to go to school, or to homeschool? ….Because this is way better.”

I agree kid, I love being able to grab the moment. Just because we can.


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  1. i do this all the time. what a wonderful spontaneous day you had. i absolutely love india’s little pixie cut! and oh my god, ani is getting so big, she is beautiful (just like all your lil ones : )

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