5 Months and Counting


When I signed up for Melissa’s half marathon, I felt like 7 1/2 months to go from zero to running 22 km was enough time. The time is  is disappearing quickly, but things are going well. I started with walking 45 minutes in the morning with a friend, and from there began running 1:1’s (run 1 minute, walk 1 minute). My training partner dropped out in the first two weeks of running, and I had to enter into some pretty serious inner dialogue about the importance of doing the race for myself, depending on myself, and knowing that in the end, it would be my feet carrying my body across the finish line.

I have now been running for 2 months, with a ten day slump in the middle for a bruised ankle and some headcold based inertia. In that time, I have progressed to running 7:1’s, with my weekly long runs being about 8-8.5 km. I have also started doing weekly short fast runs as recovery runs after my long day. I did my first one today and was able to cut 50 seconds per km off of my usual pace, leaving me with a wonderful sense of accomplishment and a sparkly post run feeling of really enjoying this process.

I am not even in the official race training phase yet, as that begins at the start of June. It will bring many of its own challenges, with longer and longer distances to run alone, and finding ways to fit running into our busy summer filled with travelling and family adventure. But at this point, I am simply basking in the feeling of a body that is becoming more fit each day, of a heart that has to work hard 5 times a week to pump blood through that body, of muscles hardening and growing stronger with each step.

It feels good to be doing something for myself after 7 years of doing everything for the littles. It feels good to lace my shoes as I wait for Sean to come home from work and know that I can head out the door and let go of the stressors of the day.

And finally, it feels good to know that this kid, who ran a 1km race with me 4 years ago in Saskatoon after my second 10k, will once again see his mom….  getting off the couch.

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  1. wow, anno, sounds like you are doing amazing!! we spent the day at gabriel dumont park the other day (another place that reminds me of our times together : ) and it made me want to run again. that is where i used to run last year. i love that feeling of fitness that just comes out of the blue after all that hard work and makes you want to keep going! so glad you found the motivation to do it on your own. i love running on my own, it gives me so much inner peace : )

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