A month in review…(aka a few pictures of what we’ve been up to)


The pirate from the learn to draw people book.

Working as a team to take apart a cd player. Lots of interesting gears, wires and other gadgets inside. Two hours of fun, for no money.

Hanging with friends in Saskatoon

A rare moment of sibling harmony

Admiring a Northern Flicker in our front yard

Helping water the newly planted carrots

The very first sleepover ever. The little ones crashed at 10:30, the big ones stayed up until almost 1. The quilt around India is one that we made together, it was finished just moments before the sleepover began.

The weird junk we dug up when we were preparing our garden for planting.

Special tea with Grandma.

And that is just a smattering. We’re busy these days, no time to blog :). But we will have adventures for the telling. A train ride, a ferry ride, some whales, eagles and the ocean. Couldn’t be more excited.


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  1. So, that knife that you dug up is totally a balanced knife for throwing. Craziness. The keys are for pretty much any gm truck older than 98. Anyway looks like thing are going well.

  2. i can’t believe how big your dog is. he was just a puppy not so long ago! we loved seeing you in saskatoon. hope you are having lots of fun on your trip. thinking we might have to head your way someday soon : )

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