Happy BIrthday Mattea


Dear One,

You were born June 7th, 2007, after 6 hours of labour. Peacefully into the water you came, welcomed by Mom, Dad, Gran, midwife Debbie and doula Lisa. There was hardly time to breathe in labour, my body anxious and refusing to settle in to quick hard contractions. I thought it was weird to feel nauseous so early, not possibly in transition yet, but…. indeed I was. And there you were, new and milky white. Our smallest baby, at a tiny 8lbs, 12 oz (I think, although time has made the details fuzz). You slept alot then, those first three weeks, jaundiced and so very tired. Gran stayed and helped us out, and Grandma and Grandpa came soon for a visit. So many people welcomed you, bringing meals and love aplenty.

Salaash brought a blessing.

India and Elijah adored you.

Uncle Michael napped with you.

We grew you in love.

Your first camping trip was at 7 weeks old.

Lots of beautiful smiles…you were a pretty easy-going baby. By far the cuddliest of the family, but also pretty independent, content to play and explore on your own.

At two, you are a lover of babies of all shapes and sizes. Real ones, doll ones, and those that laugh on youtube. You adore your siblings, and the girls next door. You love to talk on the phone, picking it up regularly while pushing buttons and saying “call bamma…call bampa.” You want to play outside, ride your bike and swing high. You are drawn to water like it is your second home. You love playing in mud and dirt. You take great pleasure in making people laugh, often repeating an action over and over again once you have noticed it’s effect on someone. You sing Baby Beluga and will sit on my lap for long periods of time doing Wheels on the Bus and Round and Round the Garden. You are light to me Mattea, I can’t walk in a room and see you without feeling the joy of being your mama.

For your birthday, we had a small party with a big cake. Simple wooden toys and mini-playsilks as your gifts.

And you, the best gift of all.

We love you Baby Mattea. May the next year of your life fill you with as much joy as you have given us.

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  1. I love that little girl! she is like a little fairy sunshine….
    hope and trust that you are having a fabulous time.
    love, Natasha

  2. what a beautiful post anno!! i remember seeing mattea shortly after she was born, what a blessing!! your words are beautiful, something mattea and you will be able to look back at and remember how much love was (is) in your family : )

  3. oh anno. your beautiful family brings me to tears. what a perfect day, for a perfect little girl. Your cake is amazing. Happy birthday sweetheart!

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