Good things

  • when sickness turns into a movie marathon in the family bed, filled with cuddles and laughter
  • when mama finally relents to using the couch cushions to build forts and hours of fun are had by happy kids
  • when siblings who fight alot find a way to keep peace and play together
  • when bright blue paint brings new life to tired doors and tired mamas
  • when the sound of the wind in the trees before the storm brings memories of rest
  • when old science supplies are rediscovered for long periods of color mixing and potion discovery
  • when unused hotwheel tracks morph into Rockmonster (lego) catapaults and physics learning
  • when Harry Potter is read and then watched, and then re-watched.  And repeat
  • when sweet movies like “My Neighbour Totoro” lead to discovery of other movies like “Music of the Heart”
  • when littles go out late at midnight to check glowing garden ornaments only to discover the beauty of stars
  • when mamas join their littles to watch the stars from the deck, even though it’s the middle of the night
  • when daddies are coming home soon
  • caramel corn for supper on a Sunday
  • when yet another lightning storm forces a mama to turn off the computer and go live more good things with her babes.

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  1. I love that many of these things are not-so-good things that you’ve totally flipped on their head to become the kind of simple pleasures that make ordinary days magical. Mama magic.

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