The sweetness


These days pass into fall… mornings come later and the chill in the morning air bites my toes as I make coffee in the early light. I am making big pots of soup and loaves of whole wheat bread, and I’ve started reading the September book club selection. I crave cozy blankets and wool socks, candlelit suppers and cool afternoons.

And yet there is, in this winding down, also a revving up. Trying to find some semblance of a rhythm for our official “school” days, although in our family, “school” often looks no different from summer anyway.  I am cleaning like a fiend, preparing our home for long days indoors, seeking out games and activities that will lend themselves to slow, easy afternoons of playing and growing together. I am cleansing our space, bringing load after load of unnecessary clutter to the take it or leave it, processing piles of kale from the garden, filling the freezer with peaches and blueberries as summer leaves its offerings of abundance.

That fruit will bring much joy in the winter months, when we are hungry for the tastes of summer light and heat.

But for now, we make the slow shift into September even as sunny afternoons kiss our cheeks with their blue skies.

I love this time of year.

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