September moments


Some randomness to fill this entry, and then we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming. This last month has been so busy with a trip to Saskatoon and lots of visitors, as well as trying to get organized for the fall, that I haven’t had the time nor the inspiration to spend much time here. As we head into cooler (and rainy….) days, there is time to reflect and appreciate on the richness of our days.

Playdough with Grandpa Ray.

Sisters who love to draw on each other whenever they get an opportunity.

Our good friends Fleming and  Vanessa visited us and accompanied us to the Edson fair. 90$ in wrist bracelets for the littles got us 9 hours of nonstop (except for a supper break) spinny fun.

The new color of the front door and step. (and the back door, and the picnic table, and the trim on the playhouse, and the…..). Turns out that a gallon of bright blue paint might be a wee bit more than one person needs for one front door. No matter though, as I love the punch of color it adds to our otherwise very suburbia house. I will have a character house one day. Or perhaps I will always just be the weird hippy lady who paints her front door blue on a block of houses that look all the same. Either way, I smile every time I come home to the door, and that’s what counts.

Our new daily rhythm sheet. It hangs on the fridge to remind us of the things we want to do together each day. I was feeling the pull between the freedom of letting our days unfold organically and the frequency with which an entire day could pass in which I would putter around the house cooking and cleaning and never really engage with the littles on any deep level. I didn’t like the pattern which was evolving of becoming simply a presence to put out fires, and wanted to be more intentional in my time with the kids, so we sat down together and came up with a rhythm for our days. It is not set in stone or rigid by any stretch of the imagination, and each area holds much room for the shifting interests of our days. So far it is working out well. I love being conscious of my time with the kids, and I love doing one load of laundry each morning and not having that chore hanging over my head in piles and piles. I am finding great freedom in looking at the floor, realizing it needs to be swept and leaving it for the next day. I do dishes after lunch and supper instead of three times a day. These small changes have really helped things feel more peaceful and light.

Speaking of intentionality, India just chose a game to play with me, so I’m choosing to cut the cord from the screen and go bask for awhile in the sweetness of an almost five year old who wants my time as a gift to her. It is such a passing sweetness, that.

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  1. I liked seeing your Rhythm sheet. I have been thinking about a bit of routine in our home. We could use some and I really like the reasons you gave. I think the kids and I would benefit from it and have more rich times together. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh and the buttcheeks quote is unbelievable!!!

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