Rain rain go away


It has been raining here for about three weeks now. I think we have seen the sun once. It makes the beautiful fall days somewhat grey and depressing, and not so beautiful at all. The grey has begun to affect our whole family. On these days that we should be outside playing in fallen leaves and enjoying our the last stolen moments of summer, we are inside watching the drizzle and cleaning up muddy dogprints from the floor.

We are trying to create a bit of the beauty inside to mark the shift in seasons, in spite of the desire to hole up and watch lame sitcoms reruns on tv.

The fall banner I made from felt and flannel to bring a few of those beautiful fall colors into the house.

Some birch leaves in mid-transition from our backyard, some acorns sent by our friend Sam from Saskatoon and some wooden acorns as well. Add a salt lamp to bring a little additional warmth and we have a fall tabletop in our livingroom.

And of course our nature shelf, filled with our fall folk busy with their activities. These three are gathering warmth from the fire.

These lovelies are preparing a simple meal.

This is my favorite addition, with his little acorn basket to carry his treasures.

Elijah’s idea.

India really wanted to have a tree with fall colors on it, so we came up with this little maple.

A desk I refinished for India’s room. We found it in our playshed when we moved, in pretty rough shape, but with some paint,a couple of new handles, some mod-podge and some scrap book paper, it’s as good as new. And one-of-a-kind.

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  1. My girls loved seeing India’s desk (I think I’m in modge podge trouble now?!); also what fun seeing what you have done so far on your Japan study. Is “Around the world in 80 wonders” online or a DVD?

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