Recording the days


I bought Sean a new to us camera for his birthday. He’s old now, and Alzheimers is beginning to set in, so I figured that he needed a way to record the 50,000 moments in each day. The camera is a digital SLR and to be honest, I thought his desire for a new camera was completely ridiculous and unnecessary. After all, we have a camera that was bought only a couple of years ago, and it works great. But after having the SLR (which is a 2005 NikonD50) for a couple of weeks, I am a convert. The pictures are incredible. The choice he has over what will be in focus or not is a powerful artistic tool.

Now all that remains is for me to convince my Luddite brain that I can learn to use it.

For the record, this camera was bought in September. (just sayin.)

So, without further ado, some pics from the last few weeks, as we enjoy the unexpectedly warm breaths of October air.

Working together at the BMX track to plan the Pokemon attack strategy.

The skatepark is a great place to exercise the beasts.

Mama’s hair colour this week.

It seems possible, just maybe, that her hair really is fine-spun gold.

Intrepid explorer, this one.

Not much little kid left in those eyes or that body. He’s only seven and there are whispers of what life will hold in the next ten years. Each conversation where he uses words like “advantages, prefer, and observation” reminds that this moment is fleeting.

He doesn’t like this picture because he sees himself tired. I tell him he looks like this, those laugh lines etched deep around his eyes, and that I love him all the more for it.

An impromptu 10 hour drive from Regina, he came to be in our chaos for awhile. We were so glad he came.

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  1. We got a SLR before Leland came along, Adam was adamant about it and I had my doubt, but I’m so glad he was so adamant and that I finally gave in. The pictures/memories are amazing.

  2. I remember reading a quote that went something like this; “Show me a 7 year old boy, and I will show you a man.” I loved reading that, it made me realize that our kids will always be who they are right now!

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