Needed a lift


It’s been a tough couple of weeks round these parts. We have all been completely sidelined by a brutal cold that has left us exhausted and moody, breathless and aching. We are hurting.

And yet, in the middle of the ache, there is good. So, to remind myself…

  1. Christmas crafting has begun, only this time the littles are in on it too. It’s great fun (and a great excuse for one on one time with mama, as each one works on something for the other.)
  2. The new wii (for which Elijah has been saving since June) is here. Mario Brothers as a team, wonderful fun.
  3. A new Mario game developing in the imagination of Elijah, which means jumping, flying, and stomping around the living room at all hours of the day and night.
  4. Intense periods of solitary reading (by Elijah, not the mama….who could use some reading time, by the way.)
  5. Laughter and screaming (the good sort)
  6. Going through the wonders of the last year in pictures as we prepare Christmas gifts.
  7. The first snow, always so beautiful, and especially when it comes in the middle of January instead of September.
  8. The Christmas decorations that have started sneaking up into the living room.
  9. The huge cardboard airplane we built in our playroom.
  10. The chocolate chip cookies that Sean bakes with the kids.
  11. A brief moment of quiet with the bigs as Mattea sleeps.
  12. Bowling with India and her Sparks troupe.
  13. An upcoming visit with one of my closest friends and her family.
  14. Chai tea with the littles.
  15. Vanilla tea.
  16. “DADDY!!!! MAMA NEEDS COFFEE!!! (screamed loudly at 8 in the morning)
  17. Breath.
  18. Health.
  19. Good relationships.
  20. Grace.

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