Happy Advent


I love advent. This season of waiting, anticipating, preparing for the light to return. Religious or not, this is a time when anticipation can feed us. We connect with the waiting for Christmas, for the promise of a baby to come (that would be the Jesus baby, I am not making a thinly veiled pregnancy announcement.)

We celebrate winter, and quiet moments of family connection. Board games, candlelit dinners, winter stories that remind us of the beauty of this time of the year. The days are short, and getting shorter. The air is cold and getting colder. The overwhelming business of the season can get even the most motivated person feeling anxious and motion sick. But we stop in this season. We stop and enjoy the dark. The cold. The days when we simply curl up in our little corner of the world and cuddle. The days when we read entire novels and eat popcorn. We watch movies late into the night knowing that we can sleep in with the sun.

We have an advent calendar for our family to mark the days of this season. The kids each got a Playmobil advent calendar this year as well, so each day they get one tiny piece of Playmobil to add to their collection. Each calendar comes with a backdrop, and they will spend hours every day creating worlds together. Our family advent calendar focuses always on intentional time with the family and service to others. This year I made a list of activities but I won’t load the calendar until the morning of, allowing the weather dependent activities to be placed on good days.

For anyone needing ideas, here’s our list.

  1. Playmobil calendar treasure hunt
  2. Go to the Ice parade
  3. Go for a winter hike at Willmore Park
  4. Make ice lanterns
  5. Make fancy hot chocolate (with candycane stir sticks)
  6. Go toboganning
  7. Go swimming
  8. Choose a tree. Decorate it!
  9. Christmas craft with foamie cutouts
  10. Bake gingersnaps
  11. Go to a Christmas movie
  12. Go bowling
  13. Shop for the food bank
  14. Make sugar cookies and deliver them to friends
  15. Ice sculpture part 1
  16. Ice sculpture part 2
  17. Make Christmas cards
  18. Make Christmas decoration for tree
  19. Bake and decorate gingerbread men
  20. Tin can lanterns (probably for solstice)
  21. Ice painting with watercolors
  22. Go for a Christmas Lights drive
  23. Watch a family Christmas movie

oops! Just realized I’m missing one. So, I welcome your ideas and suggestions as well.

Happy Advent everyone. I hope this time is hopeful and peace-filled for you all.



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  1. When I read your advent post last year I was inspired to create one for my boys this year. They are small yet, so there aren’t a lot of activites. I bought them a nativity set that they can play with so they are getting the pieces of that slowly throughout advent. I really loved your idea last year of making a list of 100 things your family is thankful for. We plan to do a shorter list since the boys won’t really pitch in too much.
    Anyways, thanks for inspiring me. I hope to blog about our advent calendar soon.

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