A peaceful Christmas (and the days before and after)


When mama is working at the thrift store, daddy and the littles will make some hot chocolate. Their way.

The gifts are always enjoyed. Of course.

The enormous piliated woodpecker was a frequent guest at the festivities. This feeding post at Grandma and Grandpa’s always has many visitors, but this guy was by far the coolest we’ve seen yet.

Quadding with Dad in the cool blue light of winter dusk. (mama’s favorite winter colour, for what it’s worth.)

Ghostly photography play.

Of course, also…

travel on snowy roads.

the pleasure of giving and seeing the joy.

simple, good, food.

quiet moments of conversation and connection.

wild moments of play in the camp gym.

late nights of wii bowling and golf.

time with those who we love.


prayers for those who were missing.

gratitude for good doctors who heal sick hearts.

silent night by candlelight.

hot coffee.


All in all, a wonderful Christmas. I feel full, blessed, and thankful, oh so thankful. What I realized as we left the camp yesterday after one last play in the gym with the grandparents is that we are part of something so wonderful in this little corner of our world. We are loved, and we have three amazing littles to share that love with. In the end, I can’t imagine anything better.


And so it was.


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